Spirit of Pella’s Story

The Spirit of Pella was born out of discussions and visions by several caring and committed community members during the fall of 2020. The Spirit of Pella is a group of passionate individuals, businesses, and organizations dedicated to enhancing Pella’s cultural wellbeing through:

  • inspired local gathering spaces
  • interactive public art
  • placemaking 
  • live music
  • a magical holiday season
  • curated experiences 


Connecting people through collaborative community-based projects centered around art, public gathering spaces, and special events to strengthen Pella’s unique public life, assets, economy, and culture.



An enriched community full of amenities, traditions, and experiences.



Pella’s founding father, Dominie Hendrik Pieter Scholte, was an innovator and advocate of the arts who was fiercely committed to community development and education. Nearly two centuries ago he championed a vision of creating a vibrant community where all people could build their lives in Pella. We call this the Scholte Spirit, and it fuels today’s collaborative and elaborate plans for Spirit of Pella Community Projects. Like Dominie Scholte, we activate innovation and honor our community’s rich heritage through placemaking, public art, and live entertainment.

Community participation is the heart of The Spirit of Pella. It is only through the belief and support of individual community members that these visions can come to life! Join us and Catch the Spirit!


“We will build a beautiful Pella.” – Dominie Scholte, founder of Pella


Steering Committee & Board of Directors

Steering Committee

Christi Vander Voort– Chair
Dave Sutphen– Fundraising
Jason Bandstra– Christmas Lights
Kim Mulch – Logistics
Ryan Vos– Art & Murals
Mary Mansfield Public Relations
Eric SicklerMarketing
Roger DeWaard – Finance
Karen Eischen– Advisor

Board of Directors 

PresidentCharlie Daugherty, Precision, Inc.
Vice President: Doug Stewart, Pella Cooperative Electric
Treasurer: Kevin Bolt, Marion County Bank
At-Large: Micah Vermeer, Pella Family Dentistry
At-Large: Mary Mansfield, Home Realty
At-Large: Lesli Nelson, Pella Hosting & Website Solutions
At-Large: Elise Pederson, Community 1st Credit Union
At-Large: David Vollmar, Alliant Energy
At-Large: Wes Chaplin, Kreykes & Chaplin PLC
At-Large: Karen Eischen, PACE Alliance


Catch the Spirit and Join US!