Frequently Asked Questions


    Who is the Spirit of Pella?

    The Spirit of Pella is a non-profit organization designed to take underutilized public areas and create engaging experiences and gathering spaces to foster growth and community participation for the betterment of Pella.

    How did the Spirit of Pella get started?

    The Spirit of Pella was born out of discussions and visions by several caring and committed community members during the fall of 2020. The Spirit of Pella is a group of passionate individuals, businesses, and organizations dedicated to enhancing Pella’s cultural wellbeing through:

    • inspired local gathering spaces
    • interactive public art
    • placemaking
    • live music
    • a magical holiday season
    • curated experiences

    Community participation is the heart of The Spirit of Pella. It is only through the belief and support of individual community members that these visions can come to life! Join us and Catch the Spirit!

    Why does this community need the Spirit of Pella?

    One of the modern-day challenges facing Pella is workforce attraction and retention. There is a strong need within our community to grow our population and encourage people to stay and build their lives here. Tangible research provides staggering data supporting how simple changes, focusing on the idea of art, experiences, and placemaking, create an atmosphere of connection and enhance a community’s appeal and positive work/life balance. We want and need people to move to our community to start their adventure, whether that be Pella natives who moved away but want their children to grow up the way they did, young professionals who want a charming town with unique amenities, or people seeking to escape the chaos and find a special place to call home. This is our overarching goal and vision. To create experiences and spaces that are an inclusive backdrop for enjoying moments and making memories.

    How are projects determined?

    Projects are determined from research, data, and recommendations from third-party subject-matter experts. As workforce attraction and retention continues to hinder our community’s employers, businesses and individuals in Pella have decided to champion the case for growing Pella’s community through these Spirit of Pella projects. Any project on City of Pella property must be approved by the City of Pella. 

    Where does funding come from for the projects?

    Grants, funding partnerships, in-kind donations, and donations from businesses and individuals. Many businesses in Pella have contributed. We need funding from people like you! Donate today.



    Catch the Spirit and Join US!