Spirit of Pella Projects

Enriching Our Community


As the Spirit of Pella, we believe in community. We honor our treasured heritage. We are innovative and creative. We value connections and placemaking. We are advocates of the arts and vibrancy. The Spirit of Pella is committed to enhancing Pella through interactive public art, inspired gathering spaces, curated experiences, placemaking, live music, and magical holiday seasons. Our inspiration comes from our forefathers, their spirit and zeal, as we tap into their dream of building a beautiful Pella.

Check out projects below to see what has already been accomplished, what’s in progress and what’s planned for the future. Some images below are renderings of concepts and ideas, not official project scopes. Donate to your favorite projects to help these visions come to life!


Christmas in Pella

Christmas in Pella in 2021 and 2022 was amplified with energy and lights! Spirit of Pella raised money to fund vendor huts to jumpstart Visit Pella’s first annual Kerstmarkt, a 3-day Christmas market in the Molengracht.

Downtown Central Park glows with more Christmas lights funded by Spirit of Pella.  A giant, lighted ornament sculpture and lighted tunnel is a magnet for family photos, selfies and holiday memories. The lighting displays will be a permanent holiday fixture for future years.

Tangible research provides staggering data supporting how simple changes, focusing on the idea of art, experiences, and placemaking, create an atmosphere of connection and enhance a community’s appeal and positive work/life balance.

Murals & Public Art

When arts and culture are woven into the fabric of a community, it boosts tourism, attracts diverse talent, fosters innovation, and grows the economy. From individual citizens, various organizations, businesses of all sizes, and government leadership—everyone in the ecosystem of the community benefits from the arts.

Art speaks a universal language of connection and contributes to the quality of life. We have a unique and beautiful community, a stunning canvas. We will complement our existing architecture and designs as we color in our canvas with sculptures, public and interactive art, and murals. We will showcase and honor our heritage and tell the story of Pella’s history.

Molengracht Courtyard

Placemaking is key to the long-term sustainability of a community. With workforce attraction and retention the primary challenge our major employers face, it is pivotal we elevate Pella with experiences, provisions, opportunities for connection, and a dynamic and captivating community. 

We hope to utilize funding to elevate the currently, underutilized Molengracht Courtyard by adding an outdoor fireplace feature, planters, moveable seating for up to 100, overhead lighting canopy, and a stage for live music.

Klokkenspel Plaza

A beautiful setting for Pella residents and visitors, the Klokkenspel plaza boasts beautiful Dutch tile artwork and enriched history. To elevate the current space, we hope to add seating and tables, planters, overhead canopy lighting, and a mural on the Work of Our Hands building.